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  • Good Dirt Plant Food

Good Dirt Plant Food

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Good Dirt Plant Food is an easy-to-use liquid concentrate that blends evenly with water, unlike dry fertilizers that take extensive mixing to dissolve in the water leaving sediment at the bottom. Our plant food can be used to feed every plant — indoors and out. It contains oil-seed extract known to improve overall plant health! This not only feeds the plant, but feeds the living beneficial micro-organisms (PlantBiotics®) in the soil to keep that “living soil” alive!


May be applied each time plants are watered. Make a fresh solution every time you feed.

  • Outdoors: Mix 3 capfuls or 1 tablespoon of Good Dirt Plant Food into 1 gallon of water
  • Indoors: Mix 1 capful or 1 teaspoon of Good Dirt Plant Food into 1 gallon of water Make a fresh solution each time you feed.
  • Contains ~60 Capfuls