Celebrate Black History Month by supporting these Black-owned Brands!
February is a significant month as we celebrate Black History Month and honor the incredible achievements of Black people throughout history and today. To join in the celebration, one great way to show your support is by shopping at Black-owned businesses. Did you know that a Black woman owns Bo...
Celebrate Black History Month by supporting these Black-owned Brands!

February is a significant month as we celebrate Black History Month and honor the incredible achievements of Black people throughout history and today. To join in the celebration, one great way to show your support is by shopping at Black-owned businesses. Did you know that a Black woman owns Botanical Bar? We also love to support other Black-owned brands, and we want to share some of our favorite Black-owned products with you! Please keep reading to find out what excellent products you can find in our shop and beyond.

What is Black History Month?

First, Black History Month is important to celebrate Black culture, history, and achievements. It is a time to honor the resilience and strength of Black Americans across the globe. It is also a time to reflect on the rich history and accomplishments of African Americans over the centuries and honor Black people's contributions to the world we live in today. Finally, Black History Month is a time to reflect on the history and struggles of African Americans all around the world, from slavery to civil rights to the present day. 

During Black History month, we can celebrate the accomplishments of Black entrepreneurs, artists, activists, and more. It is a time to remember the heroes and heroines of the civil rights movement who put their lives on the line in the fight for equality, justice, and freedom. There are many ways that we can honor Black History Month. We can look to the past to learn more about the struggles and successes of Black people and how they have shaped and influenced our lives today. We can support Black businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs by buying their products or services. We can also attend events, like Black History Month celebrations, to recognize and celebrate the achievements of Black people. 

By celebrating Black History Month, we can create a more inclusive and equitable society for everyone. It is a time to commemorate and honor the legacy of African American people and their struggles that have helped shape our culture and our lives today. So let's use this month to celebrate the many accomplishments and achievements of Black people in history and to build a more inclusive world today.

Our Favorite Black-Owned Brands

1. The Botanical Bar 

The Botanical Bar, based in Indianapolis, is owned by a passionate Black woman who loves plants. We proudly support other Black-owned and woman-owned businesses, offering a stunning selection of houseplants, accessories, and home decor items.

2. Pineapple Sundays

Pineapple Sundays Design Studio, a Stationery + Gift Co, celebrates and strives to bring more positivity into your daily life. Our mission is to craft quality products that prioritize your self-care.

3. Aya Paper Co.

Aya Paper Co. is a sustainable stationery brand that creates greeting cards and gifts to celebrate the people and moments that matter most. When Founder and Creative Director SaVonne Anderson began conceptualizing plans for Aya, the well-being of the earth was at the front of mind. 

4. Wildsuga 

Sarina Mantle and i am a visual artist from London and i am an author of a colouring book called Women + Patterns + Plants. I am also a mother, (vocalist-poet-songwriter aka Sarina Leah) and I founded Wildsuga in 2008.

5. Jungle Healing

Dreka Gates created Jungle Healing to promote total body wellness, so you can look and feel your best in real life. Every product is consciously crafted with clean, natural ingredients that are gentle on your skin and the environment. Her passion for the brand stems from her profound connection to self through mental, physical, and spiritual practices, coupled with the healing power of nature.


6. Chicago Press

Kris D. Christian, a proud graduate of Howard University, founded Chicago French Press with the mission of providing coffee connoisseurs with a smoother, more indulgent cup of coffee. Chicago French Press also donates 5 percent of the sales to underserved communities and the company works with non-profit organizations in the city to support their programs.


7. Shaunt’e Lewis 

Shaunt'e Lewis is a nationally-recognized artist, illustrator, and designer whose passion for art and entrepreneurship and distinctive style has earned her the opportunity to collaborate with acclaimed companies such as West Elm, Makers Mark, NCAA, Indy 500, Vuse, Nordstrom, Meijer, Jiffy Lube, PBS, Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site, SGR, and more. Her newest adult coloring books can be found at the Botanical Bar.

8. Diamyn Crystal Bar

Diamyn is the proud owner of Diamyn's Crystal Bar, a place devoted to helping people heal through the powerful energy of crystals - an energy that has been proven to work wonders in Diamyn's own life. At Diamyn's Crystal Bar, they strive to promote wellness of the mind, body, and spirit through healing crystals. They offer crystal knowledge courses, reiki and crystal healing services, custom jewelry, and a variety of crystals to choose from.


How to Support Black-Owned Businesses

This Black History Month, let's celebrate by supporting the inspiring black entrepreneurs who are changing the entrepreneurial landscape for the better. Even amid a global pandemic, black entrepreneurs have persevered, and now is the time to show our appreciation and support their businesses. Here are some of the best ways to support Black-owned businesses this month.

First and foremost, shop online. Now more than ever, online shopping is the best way to support black businesses. Many black-owned stores have gone digital so you can shop for products, services, and offers from the comfort of your home. Plus, shopping online often results in better prices, meaning you can show your support while also getting a great deal.

Secondly, follow your favorite black-owned businesses on social media. Social media is the perfect way to stay updated on new products, events, and company news. By subscribing to their page and sharing their content, you'll be helping to spread their message and boost their visibility.

Thirdly, share your experiences. Word of mouth is a powerful tool in promoting businesses, so if you have had a great experience at a black-owned store, consider sharing your positive review on Yelp, Google, or other review sites. Every review counts and could help to drive more customers to these businesses.

Finally, consider investing in a black-owned business. Investing in a black-owned company is a great way to show your support—and you could make a great return on your investment! Research different companies and consider investing in them to help them grow and succeed. By following these tips, you can easily show your support and honor Black History Month this year. So don't forget—if you want to celebrate Black History Month this year, shop, follow, share and invest in Black-owned businesses!



Black History Month is a time to celebrate the vibrant culture and history of African Americans and the Black-owned businesses that have substantially impacted our economy. While the history of Black-owned companies is somewhat scattered and less well-known, it is essential to recognize these businesses' contributions to our society and economy. By using our power to support Black-owned businesses, we can help to create a more equitable society for all. We can also help foster African Americans' economic growth by investing in Black-owned enterprises. Therefore, let us all use this month to invest our time, money, and energy into supporting Black-owned businesses and ensuring their legacy lives on.

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