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  • Plant Nutrient - Bloom - The Botanical Bar
  • Plant Nutrient - Bloom - The Botanical Bar

Plant Nutrient - Bloom

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Modern Sprout Plant Nutrient - Bloom is an all-natural nutrient blend designed to support your blooming houseplants. This 4-ounce Bloom formula is sourced from land-based and ocean-based essential minerals, made into a 100% water-soluble concentrate for your fruiting and flowering plants. Intended to replenish essential nutrients in depleted soil, it can also be added to soilless growing media.

To support the vegetative growth of your greens and potted houseplants, we recommend Modern Sprout’s Plant Nutrient - Grow.

Naturally derived and organic-based nutrients support healthy blooms

Plant Nutrient - Bloom contains a concentrated mix of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, with guaranteed analysis (N-P-K-Ca-Mg: 2-3-5-1-.5). It’s all sourced from nature, including fish meal, composted seabird guano, kelp, and rock phosphate plus potassium, calcium, and magnesium carbonate.

Do you need to be a green thumb to use Plant Nutrient - Bloom?

Not at all. In fact, Modern Sprout is on a mission to uncomplicate indoor gardening. The company creates sustainable solutions to help urban gardeners or anyone with little outdoor space to overcome modern gardening challenges.