How to care for a Anthurium



The anthurium plant is grown as a houseplant in cooler areas and landscaping plants in USDA zones 10 or higher. Anthuriums are beautiful exotic flowering houseplants that offer glossy, heart-shaped green leaves topped by heart-shaped pink, red, or white long-lasting blooms. Our Anthuriums are red and can bloom almost year long if they get enough light, fertilizer, and moisture. Anthurium is a beautiful flowering plant native to the region of Mexico through Northern Argentina. The anthurium is a lovely alternative to cut flowers for life's celebrations with numerous colors and varieties available.



Bright indirect to medium light; avoid windows as they amplify the sun's intensity and create heat that may damage the plant.


Water thoroughly once every 1-2 weeks. We recommend adding clay drainage balls to the bottom of the pot; however, avoid overwatering.



Anthurium is a natural air purifier! It's been scientifically proven to scrub harmful chemicals and indoor air pollution from homes and offices.



Anthurium is toxic to animals if ingested. You should contact your veterinarian in the event that sap, leaves, or any part of the plant are consumed.


Basic Plant Care

Recommend transplanting within 2-3 years into a vessel 1-2 inches larger using regular potting mix. Clean leaves with a damp paper towel every 1-2 weeks to aid photosynthesis and stimulate growth. Check leaves and stalks for pests while cleaning. If pests are found, remove them with a damp paper towel and use a mild organic pesticide in a spray bottle to coat the affected areas.